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Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y "Getting Loose" feat. Problem (Official Video)

Credits: Complex

Legendary duo Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y drop their newest visual off the recently acclaimed 2009 collaborative album.

Wiz and Spitta' throw a stoner neon party in their newest video "Getting Loose" with slick rhymes added by veteran rhyme sayer Problem.

After their second joint effort and the decade anniversary of How Fly, Mr. Khalifa and Mr. Andretti embarked on a US headlining tour this past quarter. I stopped by House of Blues for their mid February Date in Chicago, and I did the math; if one in two people smoked an eighth at the show (which was bare minimum), almost 4 pounds of marijuana was smoked in that room that night.

Curren$y goes crazy on the verse with bars like, "79 malibu, mash down the avenue// if them n***** really wanna race, bring the bag through// came through with the space coupe, everything new." Wiz comes in right after "No need for VIP passes, my whole team in the clear// VS in all our pieces, try to call our phones, can't reach us// we probably out of the country or rolling weed up, playing FIFA."

As the two get older, they seem to gain more chemistry continuing to tour sold out venues and drop consistent vintage 'Jet Life,' 'Taylor Gang' material. Check out another one of my favorite cuts off the new album in "Life" below.

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