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Who is UMI?

Updated: May 21, 2019

Listen, I wont pretend to know a lot about Umi, all i know is that she's a Los Angeles native with a west coast vibe and her music is fire. Her personality coincides with her with smooth, soulful, melodic tunes.

"Friend Zone" was the first song I discovered from Umi. She's a quality artist with dope visuals that keeps you entertained. What I like about her is a shared characteristic of most underground artists, and that is her energy which you can see directly correlates with her craft.

"Ordinary" is the first track on the EP. Umi releases this clever jazzercise theme that'll have even your grandma moving, must watch watch the video to get the reference. This is a cool upbeat track perfect for summer days.

The second track Down to Earth, is more of a

"lovey-dovey" Keisha Cole like-tune. Umi has produced quality track after track with visuals to match. She gives life to music again after a wave of trap rappers and mumble music.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing whats next for Umi, because I'm super impressed with everything I've seen so far. Check her out and leave a comment below, let me know what you think.

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