• Steven Mainzer

UG Vavy "New Bag" feat. Murph Watkins

Chicago emcee UG Vavy drops "New Bag" video featuring Murph Watkins directed by Josh Jonez.

The "Gwap" rapper is back and UG Vavy seems to sure like dinero. In his most recent video "New Bag" he runs around dancing, throwing dollar bills around as he also drives a mustang.

His comrade Murph Watkins follows with an impressive verse as he raps fast, "Tell me bout what you been workin' on //how you been comin' up what you gonna eat // Got a band stack it up rack it up money bag // add it up put it on me."

UG comes back on the hook, "Walk like I talk like a check" creeping back into the listener's ear. He has indeed proven to have a knack for providing consistent visuals. Check out my favorite hit by Vavy in "Gwap" below.

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