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"The EP" ft. Ris'Caiy

So I decided once a week I'm going to do a special featured write up called "The EP", which highlights a compilation of my favorite videos from whatever artist or videographer I choose. This week's artist is Chicago artist Ris'Caiy, a dope femcee I just recently discovered. Ris'Caiy is versatile and very entertaining in her music, when i first saw her post the videos on instagram I was pretty blown away, surprised that she even raps. I liked all of them and couldn't pick one to write on, so I decided to just spotlight all of them. I compare her to Lil Kim when you take into account her punchlines and catchy flow/lyrics, but thats my opinion check em out.

"DAMN AGAIN" (Shot by Will Mass Productions)

This one was my favorite at first, I liked how she went hard, trying to really match her energy with the beat.....

"THATS WHY THEY LIKE ME" (Shot by Will Mass Productions)

"I DONT LIKE GIRLS" (Shot by Will Mass Productions)

...this one became my favorite, I think this would really be a hit because its a catchy twerk song, we all know the females love to twerk.

"KINKY KINKY" (Shot by J. Visuals)

So what I liked most by the time I saw this video and "All eyes on she" I was kinda impressed with her range of flows, tones, and energy. I feel like after watching each video you can kind of see why I compared her to Lil Kim.

"ALL EYES ON SHE" (Directed by Lawrence Malone)

For me personally her energy was captivating and made me watch each video a couple times, I like that she is the type of artist that clearly enjoys making her music. Let me know what you think about her, drop a comment below.

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