• Mayor Muney

The 5 Day Forecast with Kid Breeze

The 5 Day Forecast was one of Live Young’s last shows for 2019, featuring Kid Breeze as the headliner. He was accompanied by performances from Quis J, Brash, Pretty Riot and Channelle Tru. Each artist put on an amazing 10-15 minute set as the venue filled up for Kid Breeze.

The overall vibe was positive and inclusive, everyone in the audience knew the words to each song and respected the mic as Pretty Riot laid some truth on us with her beautiful poetry. During the intermission the crowd sang and danced, and even got to see some footwork from DJ D9-3.

Kid Breeze put on a 40 minute set from his new album “Sunny and Partly Cloudy” giving a shout out to Law Beats and bringing him on stage for some high energy energy performances. Pretty Riot made another appearance on the stage with spoken word during Kid Breeze’s intro.

After the show, the green room was packed with Kid Breeze and his crew. Congratulating him on a great show and for releasing a great album. Love and laughter was in the air after the even. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh as I left. Everyone put on an amazing show and deserved to have this excitement after a long Wednesday.

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