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SoloSam "Breezin & Coolin"shot by Stripmall Productions

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Credit: Keeley Parenteau

SoloSam delivers a creative new visual directed by Stripmall Productions off his latest project ITIS.

SoloSam has been known for his ability to display unique visuals. The producer/vocalist has been everywhere around Chicago doing spot dates still moving off that summer project ITIS. In his latest video, Solo plays tennis in a durag, rides a moped in style and turns into a centaur.

"Breezin and coolin, yo we got s**t to move and my business about business, that just my attitude" will catch your ear as Sam glides through the catchy hook. His most recent project ITIS was well praised by many, and put in rotation on Chicago radio station WGCI 107.5.

Keep an eye out on SoloSam as he powers through the rest of 2018. Check out another StripMall directed visual with the kid in their crafty "FAST" video below.

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