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SignOff with Nikki Lynette

Recording artist Nikki Lynette has taken her music and mission to another level. Using her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, Lynette brings together another experience with A Mental Health Turn Up. A production sponsored by our very own NMV staff and SignOff, a start up that focuses on acknowledging and monitoring your relationship with your phone, the turn up was a phone-less event with music, vision boards and more than your typical amount of human interaction.

"SignOff is a digital wellness startup that is proud to call Chicago home.

We’re exploring the complexities of our society’s digital dependence with a simple goal in mind:

To inspire and enable more mindful relationships between humans and their devices."


The event served its purpose as a phone free, artistic, networking kickback vibe. The vision board project, which will go on tour in venues throughout chicago, was covered with the magazine dreams from the participants and came out pretty dope. People were given an opportunity to express creatively and connect intimately. Nikki brought out a packed house of new friends and gave them a show. Nikki strives to create open safe spaces where individuals can feel comfortable talking about mental health, and this was without a doubt a success. The best part about it for me was the meeting of so many great minds from recording artists, to media, and many other creatives, without phones. People were forced to talk to each other and real relationships were built, and ultimately thats the takeaway from this event. Don't miss the next one, make sure you come through and enjoy the vibes, see details below.

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