• Steven Mainzer

Saba "SIRENS" ft. theMIND (Official Video)

Saba drops his newest video for the half-intro, "SIRENS" featuring theMIND off his critically acclaimed album CARE FOR ME.

Saba just got off a series of sold out shows this month in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. In addition, he sold out Concord Music Hall in Chicago for the second annual John Walt Day just a month ago. While the Pivot songwriter/producer has been playing everywhere live, that doesn't stop Saba from giving his fans new music as he released six new songs recently, one a week for a six week period, possibly teasing that his new project may be looming for 2019.

The Reed Jackson directed video begins with words from theMIND behind a curtain while a girl outlines a body in chalk on the ground. Saba then appears in his vintage CARE FOR ME trucker hat casually singing, "Sirens on the way, now you're lying where the angles, lay" seeming to be talking to his fallen cousin and Pivot comrade John Walt.

King Saba shows no signs of stopping. Also, check out one of his recent hits in "Beautiful Smile" feat. IDK below. Keep an eye out for the Pivot Gang leader.

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