• Steven Mainzer

RYEN "Alive" (Prod. Flex Lennon)

RYEN takes a trip to Las Vegas in new epic video directed by Sergey Avetisyan produced by Flex Lennon.

The multi-talented singer/producer is back with another hit in "Alive" as RYEN shows his vivacious energy throughout the catchy anthem. The Chicago songwriter has provided us with a series of singles this past quarter in anticipation for his new 24 EP, and this just another example of his dope hip-hop sound fused with reggaeton.

"Baby I can touch the sky, I'm so alive" will get stuck in your head as the chorus rings back and forth while RYEN dances in the desert. Keep an eye out for the kid as he has his listening party in Chicago this Saturday at 2950 W. Chicago Ave from 7-10pm.

Click on the photo below to also listen to his summer jam in "Contigo."

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