• Steven Mainzer

Ray iLLa- "Drip" feat. Boss Status Gunna

Chicago emcee Ray iLLa bounces around with pretty women in his newest video "Drip" featuring Boss Status Gunna.

Ray has been on a roll, and fresh off his Don iLLz EP, he gives us another dope video. "Pull up jump out then I drip" will get stuck in the listener's head as iLLA claims he is "Saucin all around the crib," and does so indeed.

The flute adds a special touch to this one, and iLLa's fun loving, turned up personality meshes well with the vibrant women dancing around in the video. I think my favorite part of the video is when two of iLLa's lady friends stare at him while he attempts a nice chip shot off the roof of the party spot.

Keep an eye on Ray as he moves into 2019. Also, check out one of his newest hits in "Pull Up" off his newest EP below.

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