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Rapid Fire with ChaseTheMoney

We caught up with ChaseTheMoney for a quick session of "Rapid Fire" as he continues to cement himself as one of the hottest up and coming hip-hop producers in the game right now. After releasing hit after hit with Chicago artists Valee' and Z Money, the STL-bred producer is now working with the likes of Offset from Migos, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, Lil Yachty and more.

SM: Steven Mainzer

CTM: ChaseTheMoney

SM: How you been? What you recently been working on?

CTM: I’ve been well bro, staying focused & determined. 

SM: What music did you last listen to? What is in your rotation right now?

CTM: I just got done listening to Ottopsy by Chief Keef. It’s always a lot of Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Valee' & Z Money in my playlist.

SM: You just dropped the Yachty, Valee' "Wombo" joint. I read that you have some music dropping with Offset from Migos that has some crazy features. What can we expect from you two?

CTM: Man Offset is unpredictable, just expect the unexpected.

SM: Z Money's ZTM and Valee's VTM are two of my favorite projects from last year. I know you collaborate with those guys frequently. How did it come about recording those two tapes?

CTM: VTM took a couple months to record, ZTM took a week to record. VTM & ZTM were recorded almost a year & half apart. 

SM: It seems like you and Valee' have a certain chemistry. What's it like with him in the studio?

CTM: Haha it’s lit soon as he walks in the booth! 

SM: You said you stay in Atlanta. More specifically, I saw you tweet about being next door neighbors with Metro Boomin. How have you been spending your time in ATL?

CTM: Atlanta is pretty cool, I’ve been here for a couple years & never had any problems really. The food is good & I live right next to Phipps so anytime some new designer comes out, it’s easy for me to go pick it up. 

SM: How does it differ from the midwest?

CTM: It’s way more land ... and rain! 

SM: Can you spoil any plans or material that is dropping soon? What special do you have in the works?

CTM: It’s too much in the vault, you’ll have to wait & see!

SM: If you had a piece of advice for up and coming producers right now, what would it be?

CTM: Be consistent, it’s the only way. You can play keys & make nice beats all day long but if you don’t have the drive & consistency, none of that matters.  

SM: If there was one artists you could collaborate with dead or alive who would it be?

CTM: One song with Jimmy Hendrix would be too fire. 

SM: What is your favorite thing to do away from music?

CTM: Man, I really enjoy shopping & racing. 

SM: What got you into music in the first place?

CTM: I saw FL studio on a YouTube tutorial one day, so I downloaded it to try it out. 

SM: Who was your favorite artist/ producer growing up?

CTM: My favorite artists growing up were Three Six Mafia & Jimi Hendrix.

SM: Who is your favorite cartoon character and why?

CTM: Samurai Jack, that show was so raw. 

SM: You're on a desert island, you can only have 1 meal, what are you eating?

CTM: Crab boil! 

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