• Mayor Muney

Rank Jenson - Act Out | Prod by Kali Paylinn | Shot by Ryder Visuals

Ryder Visuals with another movie this time with Wealthy Soul member Rank Jenson. They were straight acting out in this one as Rank gets pretty LiTTY with his crew. Blunts, booze and beats got them going crazy in this one, produced by Kali Paylinn, the energy was off the meter.

It was especially dope as it looks like they were recapping a wild party night in this one, Jenson shows how LiT he can be. I especially rock with the perspective it was shot in, you can see how they were going for the angle of somebody wasted watching the whole thing. It reminds me of that one Lil Wayne video that I can't think of the name... but check it out and let me know what you think, or if you can think of the Lil Wayne video I'm talking about.

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