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Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Hide [Official Video]

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Photo by Chris Taylor

It had been weeks since Sam Melo, Rainbow Kitten Surprise frontman (pictured above), had written a word. It was the summer of 2015 and the usually prolific songwriter realized he had some soul-searching to do. In his own words, “[after] digging for a couple days, I came to recognize that I was attracted to someone. It’s a guy. 'Oh s**t...I’m gay."

Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, a place Sam describes as “a real man’s man kind of place," this realization came with an intense flood of emotions... along with some long overdue lyrics that would eventually grow into “Hide” which features lyrics such as “I got some radio wires soldered to my heart - you're the only thing that's coming in…”

This six and a half minute mini-documentary/music video directed by Kyle Thrash opens with a 2 minute introduction to the four New Orleans drag queens that it follows throughout.

It is a very real look into a rarely seen world - mixing captivating dialogue with emotional lyrics and finishing with a lesson in love and acceptance.

It illustrates the feelings that Sam and many others have encountered as they reveal themselves to the people they love most - an experience that Sam didn’t linger on any longer than he had to… At the very next band practice, Sam shared his new lyrics along with the self-realization that had sparked them. The band responded: 'You're a dance major who wears a pea coat, dress shoes, and smokes Djarum Blacks. We know, it’s cool.'

If you're in Chicago, don't miss your chance to see them live at the Riviera next Friday and Saturday with Mt. Joy (Feb 8/9). In the meantime, here's their latest------------->

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