• Steven Mainzer

Pivot Gang "Jason Statham, Pt. 2" (Official Video)

Photo by Blair Brown

Pivot Gang delivers a short but sweet delightful visual in "Jason Statham, Pt. 2" featuring vocals from Joseph Chilliams, Saba, and MFnMelo produced by daedaePIVOT and SqueakPIVOT directed by Addison Wright.

Pivot Gang is quickly ascending to be the number one rap collective in Chicago proving to stay on the road continuously, led by frontman Saba and supported by his Pivot comrades Joseph Chilliams, MFnMelo, and Frsh Waters.

Saba who is embarking on his current tour to Germany has a busy 2019 touring schedule ahead of him with the next month being spent in Europe as well as a planned tour with Dreamville artist J.I.D, in addition to being booked for numerous summer festivals. Witty rapper and brother of Saba, Joseph Chilliams finished a tour last quarter with Chicago based artist Kweku Collins, and leads the way in the video with lines like, "Feelin ripe like a mango, Pivot ride like Range Rove... run the check like Usain Bolt, disrespect no I can't go."

Pivot Gang is not letting any sort of winter woes turn down the heat. Keep an eye out for Saba and the rest of Pivot Gang. Check out Saba's dope 'NPR Tiny Desk' Concert below.

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