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On The Needle: Cassius Tae x Fears May Come

Chicago artist Cassius Tae, has been making a name for himself as a heavy hitting emcee through freestyle videos known as #Cassiustaetuesdays.”. Through the duration of this time he had offered projects such as “Come Autumn” and “Moments in Time” while managing to find his name on many music collaborations with Midwest acts. Cassius Tae’s transparent approach to song writing gives him the advantage to connect directly with fans while still providing jaw dropping lyrical moments. Tae’s charming and charismatic flow has been described as laid back by some, but a closer look shows the raps are very conversational. Feeling like Cassius is present with fans leaves each audio confession sounding true from the heart.

Tae’s latest offering from the heart is “Fears May Come” The song “Fears May Come” is a man exposing every fearful anxiety seeking to break free in serenity. A vulnerable Cassius Tae not only lyrically lists each fear, but also the concern of not letting them go. Using Sade's "Flow" as a music bed, Thibault laces the beat with thematic production to match Tae's emotionally intense delivery. For those feeling lonesome and doubtful as of late, this song is for you.

Check out the most recent single from Cassius Tae here and let us know what you think!

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