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Omar Apollo - Ashamed [Official Lyric/Music Video]

Omar Velasco is the youngest of three siblings born to Mexican parents. Looking to escape gang violence in Guadalajara, Omar’s father crossed the border in 1979, at age 23. For years, he visited and sent letters to Omar’s mother, who was still living in Mexico. In 1992, she finally joined him in America, and they settled in South Haven, Indiana, a small, largely white town about an hour away from Chicago. They opened a local restaurant called The Super Taco, worked endless hours, and raised their kids. In 2009, Omar’s parents became American citizens; Omar remembers helping them memorize the 50 states. Just a decade later, after his parents spent so much time toiling to make life better for him and his siblings, the 21-year-old who now makes music as Omar Apollo is at a place where he can financially support them.

As a new fan I have been playing this song non stop and will be releasing new music from Omar Apollo on NMV, so stay tuned!

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