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NMV Videos: LaJé - "Imported" Jessie Reyes ft. 6lack (REMIX)

Chicago R&B Princess Laje' is building her brand brick by brick and established she's up next in the city. After being selected as WGCI Jamal Smallz June's Artist of the month, Laje's highlighted single "Pilots" was featured on the major radio station along with 3 Billboards. Since dropping her debut project "Valedictorian," Laje' has went on to release a series of singles and garner a heavy buzz.

LaJé, is shaking up the game with her newly released remix to “imported” by original singer Jesse Reyez. This remix fits LaJé’s voice like a glove as she combines simplicity, creativity, and vocal play.

Laje was one of the first artists covered on NMV with one of her first visuals "Dash" and she's been taking off ever since.

In case you missed it: Laje linked with Jaas' for the visual to their laidback banger "Pilots." It gives off mellow vibes creating a sultry sexy background for setting.  Shot during quarantine, Laje' and Jaas have a ladies night with a chill and intimate kickback with their day ones. Directed and shot by 5M, the warm and euphoric feel of the video matches the vibe of the single, getting high off life, love and friendship. Check out Laje, and let us know what you think, I think she's just getting started.

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