• Nadia Hawks

NMV Video: Loovy - "Momma, We Made The News!"

South Side Chicago Rap/ Hip Hop artist, Loovy, composes a catchy but powerful message in his video to "MommaWe Made The News!". Loovy teamed up with videographer Ryder Visuals and tapped into his acting skills to give us a cinematic breakdown of the harsh realities of stereotypes placed upon youth within the Black community. He delivers a unclouded message that states that black youth should be acknowledged in the news for more than violence.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

For more information about Loovy, including his artist bio and his latest music, check out his website here: www.loovyland.com

Twitter/ IG: @nadiahawks_

Twitter/ IG: @bigloovy

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