• Steven Mainzer

NMV Video: KiltKarter - "Amateur/ Andy"

Laid back, clever Chicago emcee KiltKarter is fluent and smooth in his latest double track- video "Amateur/Andy" directed by nightrunner.

Kilt has been making noise in his recent collaborations with Valee' as well as showing his talents on the boards, in addition to having a casual flow coupled with punchy witty lyrics. What initially caught my ear was his project that dropped this year in The Secret Formula.

"I'm Bankin with Chase in America, I just flew birds from Canada....She called she get no answer, 'cause its dry as biscuit in here, I don't got no business in here" will catch the listener's ear as he shows his lyrical prowess. The delayed bass-filled beat fits the mood as Karter raps comfortably in silk sheets. At the 1:43 minute mark the beat changes up to a bell banging, drum infested marathon with more whispery rhymes.

"My old b***h a doofus, Corona can't give me this mucus" will give you a laugh as he goes into the transition on the second record.

Kilt is just getting started and if the past videos show any hint to what's to come, I would suggest keeping an eye out for the rapper/producer's next project.

Check out another one of my favorites with the Kilt/ nightrunner duo in "Not Goin" below as well.

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