• Steven Mainzer

NMV Video: KD Young Cocky "Animal" Directed by D. Gainz

KD Young Cocky releases a catchy anthem in "Animal" produced by D. Brooks Exclusive, directed by D. Gainz.

The Chicago emcee has been creating quite the buzz with his Squad Goals project in addition to numerous visuals. "My daughter need money for school, I can't name nobody that can stop me from trappin', I dropped some racks on the fashion, Pastor told me thank the Lord for the Blessings" he explains. The steady melody coupled with KD's smooth lyrics and soulful voice makes for the perfect mellow remedy. He has a sense of charisma throughout the video that makes it easy to follow the story along.

"I never gave up I'm Derrick Rose --- these streets turned me to an animal," KD preaches as he mobs with his crew. Another gem directed by D. Gainz. It's the triple threat here with KD, Brooks and Gainz.

Stay tuned for more KD Young Cocky. Also check out another D. Brooks Exclusive produced track with KD, "Dreams Can't Be Sold" below.

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