• Nadia Hawks

NMV Video Exclusive: Exclusive MC x Peace Not War ( Official Video )

Exclusive MC, a Chicago artist, is very passionate about getting his music to the masses. He recently released his new video "Peace Not War," rapping about the times we are currently in. He addresses major issues in today's climate including Police Brutality and the impact of what is happening in the world.

The video for Exclusive's poignant new single, "Peace Not War" begins with a dedication to a number of victims of police brutality before we find the emcee on the ground seemingly yet another victim. Instead, Exclusive springs to life and begins roaming the streets of Chicago as he delivers his thought provoking lyrics that touch on a number of issues that came to a head in 2020 including the police killing of George Floyd. Stirring images of the subsequent nationwide protests in the wake of Floyd's death are inner-spliced with Exclusive's performance to drive him to the point of the song's content. With such a turbulent year coming to a close, both the song and video for "Peace Not War" will serve as a time capsule for future generations to look back on and dissect.

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