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NMV Video: Birdd Lucciano "Thoughts in My Head" Directed by Diamond Visuals

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Chicago emcee Birdd Luciano releases a street anthem in "Thoughts in My Head" video directed by Diamond Visuals off his most recent project Ghetto Blessings.

Birdd shows a rare combination of having melody coupled with a sense of lyrical gift in his most recent video. Quick descriptive lyrics will catch your ear, "A lot of hotheads in my city and they flaming up." He jumps in and out verses quite nicely on the piano and drum filled beat. Mr. Luciano is a new voice emerging out of Chicago that is changing the energy within the city with his story-telling ability fused with street music.

"I was Praying God bless me like I was sneezing...Police still shootin' us even with our hands up." You can catch Birdd counting money and hanging out with his crew in the video above.

Check out one of his more recent videos in "After Miami" below as well.

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