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NMV Video: Ajani Jones "Lucid" Directed by Flow Motion

Thoughtful emcee Ajani Jones delivers crafty visual in "Lucid" directed by Flow Motion.

The hard hitting beat goes along with Jones' determined cadence, as he finds a way to preach in and out the snare and swift kick of the beat. The record is a transformation of Jones from an early age stuck in bad habits as later in the video, Ajani's alter ego kicks in while he searches for answers.

"Momma be callin' she saw my bank balance, she wonderin' how I'm going to manage...I'll probably be fine....man f**k the system that raised me -- I'm damaged" are relatable lyrics from the Southside Chicago rapper. He finds a way to balance telling his story and displaying an ear to the production while doing so.

He follows with the catchy hook "I've been feelin so lucid tonight, seein' patterns confusin' my eyes..." will get caught in your eat as Ajani finds his melody.

"Lucid" is a must watch off his most recent project Dragonfly which is out now on all platforms. Click the cover photo above to check out the album.

Also peep another captivating visual from Ajani featuring Kweku Collins below.

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