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NMV Sit Down: Toot

Passionate and soulful lyricist, Toot discusses storytelling about his environment, releasing new music, and using music to help heal pain.

We had the pleasure of speaking to the young emcee about his plans for the future and what keeps him motivated.

SM: Steven Mainzer

Toot: Toot

SM: Hey Toot, how’s it going what have you been up to?

Toot: Right now just working consistently, doing what I do as far as writing music, putting out videos and doing anything I can to promote myself and grow as an artist.

SM: What kind of new music are you working on?

Toot: Just writing a lot of different songs, heartfelt songs about the environment I come from, my life, I also work on a lot of Instagram videos that I post a lot that people tend to like and react to, by me posting videos like that, people will relate to it and that will give me a nice boost.

SM: Can you talk a little about the environment that you’ve grown up in?

Toot: I wouldn’t say we was poor, we had what we needed, but not everything that we wanted up. Grew up around drugs, violence, stuff like that but it made me who I am today.

SM: Being from the South where do your musical influences come from?

Toot: BIG KRIT Is a big influence, he is from Mississippi. He is different. I like KRIT.

SM: Who are you currently listening to?

Toot: Right now I’m listening to Spode from Atlanta. He got a big platform but people don’t acknowledge it as much. 

SM: What is a special goal of yours for 2020?

Toot: 2020 just to take it over. This is my year, this is the year for everything that I have been working hard for.

SM: Can you spoil anything specifically?

Toot: Right now it’s the first part of the year, I plan on dropping an EP between now and March. Name of the project is called "Watch Over Me."

SM: Can you talk a little bit about the EP?

Toot: It’s going to be a mixture of different music, going to be a different heartfelt, up-tempo music, going to be a different sound, a lot of different sounds from each song. I’m excited about it.

SM: I’ve seen a couple of your freestyles on IG. When did you realize you had a knack for free styling?

Toot: I use to do it when I was a kid in school, one of my brothers and a few of my cousins, they use to have a rap group, I would watch them do shows and record music in high school and I would freestyle and I was too young but what really made me take it serious though, was when I was in college and had a heart break situation. 

SM: How did you use music to heal yourself?

Toot: It bought me out of depression; I stayed in my dorm for a month straight doing nothing until one of my friends told me pick up the pen and write about it. So ever since then, it made me happy, so I put my problems and whatever I was going through in my music.

SM: Where were you going to school?

Toot: Pearl River Community College in Poplarville, MS. 

SM: Did you stay there long?

Toot: I probably stayed 7-8 months, something like that.

SM: Is that when you did music full time? 

Toot: I started recording and kept posting videos like I do now. 

SM: Any dream collaborations? Alive or dead?

Toot: Lil Wayne. 

SM: Favorite album?

Toot: Tha Carter 2

SM: Why Carter 2? Toot: My favorite song is "Hustler’s Muzik," he gave you 22 songs and all of them were a different sound, he gave you the the Old Wayne and the New Wayne all at the same time. He gave you both sounds.

SM: Is there anything specific besides that you are looking forward to dropping besides the EP?

Toot: More videos, more visuals. 

SM: What motivates you?

Toot: My grandma, my living situation and my grandma. 

SM: Are you and grandma close?

Toot: She raised all her grandchildren and all her children, I feel like she deserve to live the good life before she leaves this Earth, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen. SM: How many siblings do you have?

Toot: I got two brothers. 

SM: What is your favorite thing to do away from music?

Toot: I like listening to beats, I play basketball from time to time. 

SM: What’s your favorite NBA team?

Toot: Lakers. 

SM: Kobe and Shaq or LeBron and Anthony Davis?

Toot: Kobe and Shaq. That’s an easy answer. I’m not as much of a fan of LeBron, his fans will hype stuff up to make it more than what it is. 

SM: Can you talk about one of your more recent videos in 'Blood Brothers?'

Toot: 'Blood Brothers' concept is my blood brother and me, we do music together, you should check it out -- its and my other brother, his name is Tadarius Graves (Loc).

SM: Any other influences? Kevin Gates and J. Cole.  Kevin Gates bring the sound and he bring you knowledge, J. Cole a rapper, gives you ad libs and he is going to give the message across in a dope way, he like a 2Pac

SM: Any old school artists?

Toot: 2pac and Biggie Smalls, my favorite song by Tupac is “Life Goes On” and my favorite Biggie song is “Suicidal Thoughts.” “Life Goes On” is my favorite song in the world though.  

SM: Any advice to up and coming indie hip hop artists?

Toot: Don’t give up, nothing happens overnight, nothing comes fast but a crash, slow pace is better than no pace, if you don’t believe in you, you cant expect anyone to believe in you.

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