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NMV Sit Down: Tina World Order

NMV recently sat down with Chicago's rising star Tina World Order to get familiar with her greatness

NMV: Hey Tina Thank you so much for sitting down with No More Vinyl today

TWO: Of Course Stylez you know I got you girl

NMV Ok lets get right to business, Tina World Order I've come to know you as Tina vs. Two. Tell me about your name, how did it come about?

TWO: Well Tina is my real name it reflects my personal life as a mother daughter and friend, my regular day to day. TWO or Tina world order is my stage name Tina Vs Two is My personal self vs my career self. Two is the beast inside me, she is completely outside the box; almost like a female Kanye.

NMV: How do you describe your sound?

TWO: As a society we are currently in a state where women want to be dubbed as the KING or an ALPHA, me I just enjoy being a feminine energy, and I use my femininity in my music, I love being a woman its the best shit ever

NMV: if you had to describe yourself as a flavor what would it be ....

TWO: Sweet and salty or sweet and sour would best describe me. Have you ever had a pickle with a peppermint?

NMV: wait what? a pickle and a peppermint? hell naw

TWO: ok ok, how about ice cream and pizza?

it sounds totally odd but once you ave it, you have to have it thats me...

NMV: Wow I love that! lets talk about this record you just released entitled "what that mouth do" what was the inspiration for the title?

TWO: You know how guys are always like 'what that mouth do'? well I want to know too, I'm coming for them they same way they come for us, is your head game good or Nah? but than its also a play on words, what that mouth do could easily be taken in regard to how I spit these bars

NMV: well damn girl, I respect it, tell the people checking out this interview where they can find you and check out more dopeness

TWO: Check me out on social media of course @tinavstwo

Dope ish... click the link below to check out Tina World Order's Latest single "What That Mouth Do"

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