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NMV Sit Down: Solo The Dweeb

Solo The Dweeb speaks on his newest project, anime influences and the craziest adventure he has ever been on.

We spoke with up and coming turn-up artist Solo The Dweeb as he prepares for his sophomore year and continues to do show spot dates, recently performing at Mizzou.

SM: Steven Mainzer

STD: Solo The Dweeb

SM: Hey Solo. What’s up? What you been working on?

STD: Honestly, lately I have been workin' on a lot of background moves. I been dropping videos. I just recently dropped “F.A.B” and “Forest Law.” It’s been a lot of continuous ongoing work with Ryder Visuals. We’re trying to keep a foot on the people’s throats.

SM: Yeah, "Forest Law" is one of my favorite videos of this year. You and Ryder visuals seem to have a connection, how did that come about?

STD: Come to think of it, it’s hard to remember because we were friends way before we were shooting. I want to say like years of friendship but we linked up and I saw he was doing videos. We first collaborated on my debut EP Molly Kool Aid, and from there we tried our own video just him and I, the result of that was “Vultures.” That got way more attention and love than we thought it would, so seeing how that blew up, I needed that every time.

SM: I have to say I noticed you at a couple shows when you were on stage and you weren’t even performing. Do you naturally have a lot of energy or do you kind of feel it in the moment?

STD: I think it’s a bit of both. It’s hard to really say because a lot of time before I go on for a performance I’m always calm, people are asking me, “Are you okay, What's the matter?" and I'm like "Yeah, I'm perfectly fine." It's really in the moment type of feeling where I just make sure to do my best and perform whatever song or set I’m doing.

SM: Recipe for Gold was well received. How did that come about? How was working with NayR Creates?

STD: Me and NayR been always cool with each other. It’s some type of chemistry, unfamiliar chemistry, I can't fully describe it, it's just familiar. We don’t even have to tell each other to do much, it's just like efficient.

SM: You had a couple slots at SXSW last year. What’s in store with regards to some SoloTheDweeb performances?

STD: It's hard to say because there’s no telling. Last year being my rookie year, there’s a big world for me to jump into. All I can say is, I’m going to try my best to top my last, every hit that I produced and make, the next one better than the last one.... better music videos, keep making hits. I try not to think too far ahead.

SM: You definitely have your own sound. What are some of your current musical influences?

STD: I listen to all kinds of things from like, Playboi Carti to Toro y Moi. Daft Punk, Gorillaz. I have been on a trap streak lately: Z Money, Valee, some of like Pivot Gang s**t, MFnMelo, tracks from all over. I don't know, take your pick. But that’s like a fourth of the time, three-fourths of the time I’m listening to myself. In the few moments when I give my ears a breather, then I'll listen to other stuff.

SM: What got you into music in the first place?

STD: At a younger age I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with music and s**t. So it was really just a hobby, freestyling and s**t, and I happened to be really good at it. At the time, I was in 9th grade, people were hearing me rap and they were telling me "this is what you need to do with your life," and it became this. A combination of stubbornness and consistency led us to right here.

SM: Any notable collaborations coming up?

STD: Some things I can't say. You know me and Asa2Times got some s**t coming up. Wood Hazey, this new dope ass artist. This artist Ko God, and I’m going to have some s**t poppin' off with Young Jasper too.

SM: Craziest adventure you have ever been on?

STD: On my 21st birthday I went biking on 10 speeds with my best friend in Indianapolis and my bike caught a flat. So I had to ride on the front of a ten speed, and sit on the handlebars and ride full speed down a hill and I was high as s**t. It was the most fun and terrifying experience of my life. It was like riding on a roller coaster with no seat belt, if I would have fell it would have been over. I wouldn’t have died but I would have been f**ked up. It was near downtown and it was a big hill, it was like 3 hills. It was f**king crazy.

SM: Favorite cartoon character and why?

STD: That's a hard choice. I’m an amine, cartoon guy, I been watching cartoons forever. I can be retro with it. One of my favorite cartoons was Samurai Jack, that was the s**t, how they ended the series was fucking raw too. One day when I get the bread bro I’m going to make my own anime, and that s**t will be raw too.

SM: If you have any advice for up coming artist what would it be?

STD: Don’t stop, don’t ever stop, unless you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Find a way that works for you. For you, you know what I’m saying. Not for anyone else, for you. Whatever way works for you. Especially if it produces results. Be smart with your money. And be smart period. Don’t be dumb and waste your energy. That would be my advice.

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