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NMV Sit Down: 'Lgado

Buzzing Chicago artist 'Lgado continues to feed fans consistent music, with his most recent effort Put a Date On It dropping last quarter. As he continues to build steam, he plans to continue to strategize with his team and also talks about the patience needed in being an independent artist.

We were lucky enough to get in-depth with 'Lgado as he spoke with us about his plans for the rest of this year, the story of how he got into music, and how he is helping connect the dots between Chicago artists behind the scenes.


SM: Steve Mainzer

SM: Hey Gado, how you been? What have you been working on lately?

'Lgado: I just dropped an EP on February 27th. I’m building the team, so that’s really what I have been working on, so I haven’t even been working on music honestly. I’ve been working on the business; I got my label together last year around September. Right now I’m just putting the team together, trying to make the right business moves.

SM: 'Put a Date on it' is your newest released EP? Can you talk a little about that project?

'Lgado: You see it got a ring on the cover. That’s the meaning of dedication, I’m married to this s**t in so many words. You never know what is going to happen, I’m actually looking forward to doing a tour, I want to name the tour 'Put a Date On It.’ The EP was just the start to the whole campaign, “Put a Date On It.” You know it’s kind of a way to campaign.

SM: You have released consistent visuals the past couple quarters. How do you stay consistent with your music and your content?

'Lgado: With this music stuff that’s actually an easy thing for me. I been doing music since I was 12, really recording since I was in 5th grade. Me staying consistent is coming from me liking to do it. That’s really how that happened; I would go to the studio and shoot videos on the regular for my own pleasure. It’s really something I like to do.

SM: What got you into it at such a young age?

'Lgado: I was always musically oriented. I got a big feel for music; I was always into rappers, looking up to rappers. I had a cousin who had the set up at his house when we were young. He was telling me how easy it was to set it up. We took it over to my house, every weekend we would just be recording on the plastic microphones and as the years went on we started reaching out to people doing it in the city, actually going to studios, getting up with cameramen and it went from there.

SM: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

'Lgado: The same kind of hip-hop/ rap music. 50 Cent was one of the first influences, DMX, I used to ride around to that. Wiz Khalifa had a big influence on me. Wayne, Dipset, and them had an influence also. Lil Wayne and Drake had a big influence because I was around the age of a different level of understanding. Chief Keef came out, by that time I was in the mix.

SM: What are your current musical influences?

'Lgado: Now it’s kind of like I’m watching and trying to see what they doing. You got Chief Keef, Lil Herb, mainly people who come from my city. Kodak Black, I f**k with Kodak. That’s really it outside of Chicago rappers, Keef and Herb. It’s different because I’m down the street from these guys watching them blow up. It’s really just Chicago artists. Even Lil Zay Osama, Calboy, that’s what really is interesting to me because these guys are my colleagues.

SM: I know that you're close with El Hitta you guys seem to have chemistry in the studio. How did that relationship come about?

'Lgado: El Hitta relationship came about from Bo Deal. Bo Deal reached out to Reese (my brother and business partner) about El Hitta. We kind of share the same type of energy, that’s my boy; we see each other on the regular. That came from Bo Deal, Chicago legend.

SM: What kind of special plans do you have for the rest of 2019?

'Lgado: I plan on actually strategizing this s**t. I’m still independent I don’t have a label. That’s one of thing about this rap s**t that I learned is you really have to strategize. You have to put together plays and do the right thing, this year I want to be put on bigger platforms. I want to blow up this year, I expect for this year to be this year, I want to be rich bro, if not end of this year, then next. The plays I want to put together with Lyrical and other people on the team, so I can be rich. I am a solidified artist in Chicago, so I don’t feel like it take much, it just takes for the right platforms and the right moves for people to be around me. My plan is to blow up bro.

SM: What will take you to the next step?

'Lgado: Platforms and getting around the right people. Even if that means I’m going to have to move a lot more, if that means go to Cali, when I take these trips I need to be on the platforms. If that means walk to XXL and take a picture, Complex posts, etc. I know Lyrical is a legend in this s**t. This s**t that I’m saying isn’t hard for her. I feel like the industry knows me, the top artists in the industry listen to me, at this point I just need to get to those platforms you know. If that means walk into the record label office just to show people I was there, you know what I’m saying, new people and big artists. Money, power, and respect you know.

SM: F**k Your Club “by you and Valee' is one of my favorites. How did that record come about? How did all that energy come out the record?

'Lgado: Man this s**t was crazy how it happened. El Hitta was the only feature planned. Valee' and Herb feature came in the studio in downtown Chicago, that’s how that happened. First Herb came down there and was like “save me a verse.” When I came out, Valee' was in that studio, and then he went in there and hopped on it. Herb never got on it though, but he was the first person to hear me making it. When I came out Valee' hopped on it, we were all supposed to get on it. Herb probably went to sleep or some s**t, and we got to it another time, but that’s how that came about.

SM: Dream collaborations?

'Lgado: Jay Z, Drake. Just to be able to say I did that s**t. I want 50 to get on a song with me, I want Wayne to get on a song with me, I want to do songs with the people who I was listening to when I was growing up, you feel me.

SM: Who are some of your favorite producers to work with?

'Lgado: JTK, All Day, DJ Ayo, TyMadeIt. These are my producers. These are my young boys. You ever heard Calboy “Envy Me” and Polo G “Finer Things,” these guys produced some of those records. These my shorties and both of them ended up catching themselves a hit. That goes to explain how much of a legend I am in helping connecting the dots. That’s why I want to do more interviews showing how much is going on behind the scenes.

SM: Favorite thing to do away from music?

'Lgado: I be chillin, as long as I’m happy I’m a do whatever kind of guy. I like to hoop, before I was a rapper I was a basketball player. I like to smoke and chill. You know just vibin', just chillin' I like to get lit bro. I just like to have fun.

SM: Whose your favorite basketball team?

'Lgado: Where Kyrie at? (*laughs*) I don’t know bro! I’m not going to say that haha. I’m f**king with the Warriors, I’m f**king with Steph ever since he came out. I don’t even watch basketball like that right now. Them boys nice! I would just say the Warriors I just like to see Steph shoot that b**ch from range, they too nice bro.

SM: Dutches, backwoods, or swishers?

'Lgado: Backwoods, that’s it. Only Backwoods bro, Can’t smoke none of that other s**t, unless it’s paper or something, no Dutches, no swishers. Woods paper is thinner. Dutches and Swishers have too much paper. Don’t ever let someone roll a small Backwood bro. You gotta roll at least at least 2 grams in a wood bro (*laughs*).


SM: You're stuck on a tropical island and can only have one meal, what are you eating?

'Lgado: Chicken, that’s probably my favorite meal bro. Chicken, macaroni with the broccoli. That’s my meal right there. If I could choose where it would be it would be from Harold’s chicken with some Morrison’s Macaroni, it’s a Soul Food spot, they might have changed the name. Now I want some Yams from Morrison, and then some granny-homemade broccoli.

SM: Can you spoil any information on your potential tour?

'Lgado: We actually haven’t gotten it together yet, but this is my goal. But I would like to have somebody that isn’t somebody up yet. I got a lot of artist that I f**k with. I got artist that are underneath and artists that I have influenced, I don’t know if you have heard of OG Stevo. A lot of people aren’t even like me, when I get on bro watch when I get on because this s**t going to happen, when I get on my city is going to love it, even Calboy, he would tell you my influence on him. I’m a real influence in this city.

SM: Any advice to up and coming rappers in the game, maybe indie rappers from Chicago?

'Lgado: First thing I would tell them first of all pick a route you want to take. Pick a route you want to take because as you start meeting with these people who want you and s**t, there is going to be a lot of information you don’t know. Either you going to take a deal and have somebody who you trust to read over this s**t, or you have to learn the business and take a longer route.

When you rapping you just rapping. I made the decision to learn the business, everybody done came to me, any artist that grew up in Chicago came to me and hollered at me a long time ago, Juice WRLD a number one artist, Bibby and them, DJ Ill and them, G Money and them, but they was moving at a pace I wasn’t ready to move at.

I would ask them what are you trying to get out of this? The first thing I would ask them, what route do you want to take? Do you want to learn the business first or do you just not care and want to get on first and figure this s**t out later?

What do you want out of this? That was a big question for me. I could have just went with who I felt was famous enough to get me on a platform and s**t. I probably would have been all right! But there would been a lot of s**t I didn’t know.

Depending on what kind of person you are, everybody can’t deal with that. I would ask them what do you want out of this, what route do you want to take? Do you want to learn the business first or learn the business later? But then there is a con to that if you want to learn the business later then you got to sit out because they are going to move on. I’m a nice position though, now all them know me.

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