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NMV Sit Down: Franchika

Blooming soul and R & B singer Franchika talks her new EP, aspirations to guide others, and the Beyoncé treatment.

We were lucky enough to catch up with 21 year-old vocalist Franchika, as she prepares her new project The 8th now under Lyrical Eyes Management.

SM: Steven Mainzer


SM: Hey Franchika, how have you been? What have you been working on?

Franchika: Hello, Ive been working on my EP that’s coming out soon, it’s called The 8th. It’s basically about me starting my whole music career when I was 8 years old, where I had my first vocalist performance and my first album. Also, my father who was very invested in my career -- he took me everywhere, paid for my music lessons, and traveled everywhere with me and he passed away on April 8th. Also, in the Bible eight represents a new beginning and to be re-birthed and that’s why my EP is called The 8th.

SM: How far are you in the process with that?

Franchika: I’m actually almost done, but I keep on switching songs, every time I get a new beat, I keep on switching really, I’m six songs in and I want to make eight right now.

SM: I see Your single "Mr. Pizza Delivery Man" has gotten a positive reception, can you tell the story behind the song?

Franchika: I dropped the song on my birthday actually. And basically the song is about a pizza delivery man who always delivers my pizza -- the place is down the street and he’s new and he started delivering me pizza all the time. We would lock eyes and be attracted to each other and we never said anything at all. Its funny because he doesn't even know there's a song about him that I wrote. It's also funny because we don't even know about any feelings we have for each other. Maybe one day I'll tell him but its going to be crazy 'cause the whole song is dedicated to him.

SM: My partner told me you did like a Whitney Houston cover in Atlanta. How was Swank PR day? What made you want to cover a Whitney Houston song?

Franchika: So Swank PR Day was amazing, I love the fact that they’re doing this whole Swank Media Day in general. It's an awesome way for artist to get out there. Some artists don't get enough credit and it was amazing in Atlanta. I chose the Whitney Houston cover song because my dad was very invested in my career and he loved her. When I was 12, 13 years old my dad made me sing whitney Houston songs back to back to back. That’s how I got good at it; he made me do it and that's why i picked the song, its called “Run to You."

SM: That’s pretty impressive. How did that make you feel being up to such a task in covering Whitney songs?

Franchika: I was like why is he making me sing these big songs. I was questioning it and didn't appreciate it at it first but then I started to love it, and get use to it. Now I love her music. Have you ever heard of the Beyonce treatment?

So, pretty much my dad and the producer we worked with, Dwayne Armstrong would have me run and work out and sing songs running like three miles. I would have to jump over a broom stick in between two to three chairs and my dad would make me do all this stuff.

SM: That's crazy. What is next for Franchika?

Franchika: I'm really just planning on performing and traveling everywhere to get my name and voice out there. My whole purpose of my career is just to heal people. I have had some dark times that I went through. Of course its healthy to talk about those times but its also good for people to hear how you got out of those times as well, I suffer with depression and anxiety but I came out of it and I can say I'm a survivor and give a guide to life, and talk about things.

SM: That’s very inspiring. Being a female vocalist, who comes to mind that you look up to from a voice standpoint?

Franchika: I would say someone that i look up to is Beyoncé to be honest. She is truly amazing in the work she does, you never truly hear bad things about her. You never hear bad things about Beyoncé. I look up to her a lot and she works very very hard. I respect her a lot for what she's doing.

Another person I also look up to is Rihanna. I love that she is an entrepreneur with the Puma and Fenty brand. When I tried to buy sandals off the website I had to wait, and when I waited they sold out right away and that was crazy because everyone was super excited and hyped about her brand Fenty, and right then and there I knew she was demanding her respect and I accept that! It's really hard for females in the music industry, we have to demand our respect. I feel like those women in general are demanding their respect.

SM: What is the biggest challenge for you coming up in the music industry?

Franchika: Because sex sells for women especially, it’s kind of hard for us to be who we are. They expect women to be these closed off people or be submissive to certain things. It’s a part of us to express ourselves. So me coming up I want to be transparent as possible. I want to be the girl that is saying what other women are thinking out loud. I feel like you should be able to say things you want out loud and do whatever you want to do if you’re a woman.

SM: What is one thing a guy could buy you to win your heart to a second date?

Franchika: I rather have a guy not buy me anything, I am super simple. I rather go watch a sunset and talk somewhere but if I had to choose one thing, I would go crazy over it -- it would have to be a necklace with some sort of butterfly or some sort of flower. And I'd be like wow amazing.

I have a butterfly tatted by my right ear, I feel butterflies fly around me, and they are free and transform into something super beautiful.

SM: Any advice to up and coming artists? Any advice to female artists in particular?

Franchika: I think some advice I can give artists or female artists is just be yourself, surround yourself with the right people, don't have a whole bunch of yes men behind you, that's most important. Everyone is going to say things in your ear and say stuff, you just need genuine people around you and in your circle. That’s how you keep your mind-state. Sometimes I get worried because I hear people abuse drugs because of the situation they’re in and I think what kind of people are around them and who let them get to that point. You must be mindful of everyone’s energy. Even at certain venues and stuff you should be mindful. And also protect your art because that’s the only thing you have as a creative. I know a whole bunch of creatives, who do music and drawing and painting -- that’s their only relief in life, just don’t change it, keep it you and have fun. Yes, thats important, no one is doing it anymore to just have fun. Everyone has weird goals now. Just have fun. I love performing, it's fun. I love traveling, it's fun. Don't do it just 'cause you don't want go to college or some crazy s**t. You gotta have a passion and love doing it.

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