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NMV Sit Down: 8matiklogan

Gritty, seasoned Chicago emcee 8matiklogan talks new singles, recalls a DM from Juice World, and goes into how taking a break from releasing music helped fulfill his vision.

We got the chance to sit down with the talented spitter as he got into his return to releasing music and how life experiences helped shape his road to where he is today.

SM: Steven Mainzer

Logan: 8matiklogan

SM: Hey Logan, what's up man what have you been working on? What have you been up to?

Logan: Right now working on the project, not necessarily making the music, but making sure the project is good -- figuring out the tracklist. I’m finishing up the mixtape and I’m about to shoot the “Blah Blah Blah” video, really been working and busy, trying to stay active.

SM: Your "Blah Blah Blah" single, and "House of Pain” record have been well received. It seems to have a more uppity style than your older records. What was your mindset when making those songs?

Logan: I took so much time off to work on my craft and build this vision I had for my brand and myself as an artist. Taking that time off it gave me a chance to work and make records that I liked and I didn’t like, and coming back I knew what I wanted. I wanted something new refreshing, something fun, a ton of energy, and a ton of emotion. Doesn’t really matter what type of emotion or energy, as long as you feel it. For “House of pain” and “Blah Blah Blah”, I felt they were fitting for the summer. For those two records in particular it was about feeling good and the vibe was super refreshing, and overall reintroducing Logan to the world.

SM: In 2015 you were grazed by a bullet and in your bio it says it “caused you to move around different.” What changed when you started your run of releasing constant music in 2017 and starting your second wind?

Logan: I think real life experience has taught me more than anything. That’s kind of what pushed me. Real life decided what the timetable was for my life. Life experience is the main thing.

SM: What kind of project are you working on right now? Can you spoil any details? Or just releasing singles?

Logan: Super fire, I think it’s going to be one of the most impactful projects in Chicago that I can remember, I think it’s going to do big things not only for my career but for the city. I don’t want to spoil much or anything in term of song titles or but it’s a lot of fun. Really good project, really dope really good music.

SM: I saw your post on IG where Juice Wrld reached out to you in 2015 to do a collaboration. You guys got any anything in the works?

Logan: Honestly I didn’t know that those DM’s existed until he hit me however long ago it was. I just didn’t remember, he was an up and coming artist, but at that time it was just different. That was a super crazy message to get from him. I would love to work with bro, I rock with his music heavy. Maybe something could get put together. I’m real big on energy and vibes, so if it happens I want it to happen naturally. I don’t want to force anything.

SM: What were your musical influences growing up?

Logan: I have a ton of influences, for hip-hop I have a list of hella’ artists, it’s like a bunch of people. My dad mostly inspired me to get into hip-hop though. It was more so like, you want to be like your pops, and my dad was this street m**herf**ker listening to rap shit smoking weed. I thought it was cool. He got me into hip-hop. As far as artists, one of my favorite artists is Wayne and Drake and s**t like that. Kanye and Keef as well.

SM: Are there any collaborations you would like to knock out?

Logan: I would love to work with Wayne, Drake, Future, Young Thug, Uzi. As far as Chicago, Kanye, Chance, Chief Keef. I really want to work with them the most. If I had to pick two it would be Drake and Wayne or Drake and Kanye.

SM: Besides what we have spoken about, do you have any other special plans for 2019?

Logan: Other than the release we’re going to be having a headlining concert, which is going to be dope. I’m going to have a listening party for the project. Just a bunch of stuff coming up. I don’t want to spoil too much for after the project, but for now the focal point is executing the vision and putting this project out and making sure that I drop the best project I can put out right now. We got a lot of stuff planned, it’s going to be crazy.

SM: Where did you get your more gritty sound from?

Logan: For me I have never tried to stick to one place for inspiration. I can draw from everything, if I look at a water bottle and see something that inspires me I’ll let that drive me. It probably comes from my music influences to my real life experiences, to how I am feeling that to you day, you know all of that. I feel like in terms of the edginess, there are probably some rock elements in there, somehow. Anything that inspires me I just go with it, my style kind of developed over the years. Just pursuing music you kind of just come into your own.

SM: It seems like you have had a strong consistent following, yet with the saturated Chicago rap market do you ever feel underrated?

Logan: I use to I definitely use to feel underrated. Right now I stepped away for almost 2 years so I didn’t feel like an artist for a minute. Now that I’m back I don’t feel necessarily underrated, I feel slept on because I just came back and you know I got that hunger, that energy. I don’t really care what nobody thinks, I don’t care about no opinions, no lists. I am trying to get to a bag and make history.

SM: What is your favorite thing to do away from music?

Logan: Probably smoke hella’ weed. My favorite thing to do outside of music is probably get high.

SM: Backwoods, Dutches, or swishers?

Logan: I’m OG, I really like swishers but I’ll smoke either one, I’ll smoke Dutches, Woods, King Psalms, joints, I don’t care.

SM: You’re on a private island, what are you eating as your last meal?

Logan: S**t I would probably go with a combination of Puerto Rican food, Italian food and Mexican food because that’s what I am. Puerto Rican rice is like my favorite food.

SM: Advice to up and coming artists?

Logan: For me coming up I had a lot of people in my ear from all types of angles. You know listen to people but take it for what it is and don’t really weigh it for more than that, do what you want to do and be yourself and understand that everybody has done it different. Up and coming artists try to compare themselves to the other artists. Everybody has done it different. Look at the Juice Wrld DM, that’s why I posted it. I wanted to show people how the tables switched up and how things are actually picking up for me again, there are no rules to this shit. F**k all those opinions and do your own things.

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