• Steven Mainzer

NMV Record: Vell Da General- "Kung Fu" (Prod. C-Sick)

Chicago emcee Vell Da General releases his catchy tune "Kung Fu" produced by seasoned producer, C-Sick.

"We just wanna kick it like "Kung Fu" will get stuck in the listeners as head as Vell jumps in and out of the upbeat production that makes for a solid combination. He shows clever wordplay "I'm in the old school like Bruce Wayne... we can make your party rock like Mardi Gras, we on your block, we ball and then we karate chop." Da General seems at home in between the C-Sick hi-hats and bouncy snares. "Smokin cigars my life a movie" -- Vell paints a picture of luxury.

Vell da General is just getting started, he is working on a video for "Kung Fu" to couple with his upcoming release 'Da Platoon.' Stay tuned for more from the crafty spitter.

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