• Steven Mainzer

NMV Record: Chef Noriega "Esmeralda"

Chicago bred, Dallas based emcee/ producer Chef Noriega releases an eclectic record with "Esmeralda" in a mixture of his "Robo-Chef" sound coupled Spanish lyrics.

Chef shows a knack for switching styles as his keeps the uptempo drums compromising his auto-tuned vocals. "Mi mesa es grander pero todos no pueden comer acqui...quiere todo el plato" will catch your ear if you speak Spanish or if you have Spanish-English translate. The heavy bass hits later in the song as the beat continues to pick up speed at the halfway mark of the track.

Chef is prepping for a long line of releases that he has had under the hood for quite some time. This quarter he is expected to roll out the much anticipated house project Robo Chef. He is also planning to release records from a Spanish project expected to set the tone for the warmer months to come later this year.

You can check out an older video from Mr. Noriega in "Tokcruise" off his Night Rider EP below.

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