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NMV Feature: Se’a - FaceTime Heaven

Se’a is a very unique hip hop artist who is originally from Chicago, IL. He recently released a captivating EP entitled “FaceTime Heaven”. On this project he expresses his tenacious desire to speak to his loved ones who have passed away. At the very young age of eight, Se’a was introduced to the nostalgic sounds doowop music. His introduction to this now classic music genre explains the nostalgic sounds that can be found beneath the heartfelt lyrics that are to heard on this project.

At just thirteen years old, he moved to the city of Atlanta, Georgia where he began to record his music. Se’a has since lived in Houston and New Orleans, but he has come back to his home town of Chicago, IL to get back to his roots. After being home for only 2 years, Se’a released his 6 song EP “FaceTime Heaven” in hopes of explaining where he is at this point in his life. He says “I’ve lost a lot of friends & losing more since the release of the EP.”. The title of this EP is self explanatory to anyone who has ever lost anyone. This 17 minute project is perfect for anyone who wishes that they too could FaceTime Heaven.

Since the release of the project, Se’a has been working on releasing more music, visuals, and collaborations with producers such as Ice and Lord Haiti.

Check out his project below and let us know what you think!


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