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NMV Feature: Davis James

Davis James was Born in Boise, Idaho and grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He fell in love with music when he got his first iPod mini at 9 years old. At an early age Davis really resonated with the punk rock genre, influences including Green Day, Blink 182, P!nk, and Arctic monkeys.

In middle school Davis was turned on to hip-hop. His favorite songs early on were Walk it Out by DJ UNK, This Is Why I’m Hot - MIMS. Lose yourself - Eminem. These were important songs in his journey through music.

At the age of 12 Davis had a burning desire to become a rock star - like Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. He got a fender electric guitar for his birthday & took guitar lessons for months. Davis James found out quickly he hated learning an instrument, but knew he still wanted to be on stage in some way shape or form.

A few short years later, his freshmen year of high school, an inspired thought came to Davis that he could become a “rapper”. That dream never left his mind.

This is just the beginning for Davis James. Davis James loves where the journey has taken him so far & the journey is the mission. This journey is all about creating himself. He has his mind set on reaching all of his goals and has no desire to look back.

Davis James has been working on his craft for a little over a year now. His new single "Gatsby" is the first of many at the independent label Help The Bear Records founded by Alex Halloran. He was recently signed to a management deal at the label and has been receiving a very large amount of positive feedback from his fans. His first album, Great Expectations Vol. 1, charted on iTunes and has been played in 90 countries this far. He's definitely an artist you should know!

Check out his debut album here and let us know what you think!

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