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NMV Feature: BME Mazi

From Football Star to rising Chicago Artist, BME Mazi is on his way to the top! Mazi is originally from the Cabrini Greens and grew up on the West Side of Chicago. Black Money Entertainment, also known as, BME aka B$E was originally started in the 2000’s by his father. BME represents a lifestyle that is accustomed through loyalty and honor. With his father being taken away from him at the age of 9, BME Mazi was left to teach himself to be the man he is today. Since then, Mazi has taken what was started and carrying on what it means to be BME. Mazi has been a huge advocate for defunding the Chicago Police Department for many years due to the government trying to put implications on his family. BME Mazi’s other passions besides music include, sports (Football and Basketball), rebirth, to inspire, and to elevate himself, as well as, others. BME Mazi puts his all into his music and his consistent grind but his ultimate goal is to make people feel reassured and to make sure they know they can do anything they want to do with consistency and hard work. NFL-BME, Never Forget Loyalty , Blood Means Everything is the motto which BME stands by as well as the code that made Mazi who he is today.

Check out BME's latest project below and let us know what you think!

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