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ANONA, which stands for Artist- Non Artist, was founded by Andrew Masanto only one year ago. ANONA is an International music and art collaborative focused on bringing creativity to life by using collaborative technology to create music while including creative efforts from non artists such as marketers, influencers, and celebrities. This brilliant collective is looking to change the narrative for creatives and artists as they put their imaginations to work and generate creative works amongst one another. ANONA was built to help artists break away from the "Pop Star" personalities and norms that the entertainment industry has created. Their belief is that artists and non artists alike are all responsible for success.

Recently the collective released a


entitled "MELT". MELT was written by Alec Otto and Charlotte Headon while living in two separate countries. This track is based upon a relationship that is slowly but surely fading away. On November 12th, the collective released the visual to MELT which

was directed by Ariya Studios. The video is incredibly intense and chilling. Just by watching the video you will be able to feel and interpret the congruity between the lyrics and the choreography. The

Check out the latest collaborative visual from ANONA below and let us know what you think!

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