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NMV Exclusive: A.I.R. x New A.I.R. (The Album)

Following a name change tied to spiritual growth, A.I.R. has released a single that properly infuses his faith into his content, while at the same displaying rapping abilities that are exceptional. The artist name "A.I.R." (which stands for Andre Isaiah Rivers) is a result of the rapper's daily walk with Christ.

A.I.R. believes he was born to make music, especially since his actual name was a part of his shift in content. After making songs about insecurities and doubts he was facing on his first EP (CATHY) under his old name, A.I.R. was reminded the only solution was God. As he grew in his faith, he couldn't help but pour out what was stirring in his soul.

The song Ceiling is the first song under his new identity and serves as the intro for his album New Air. With the song's booming bass and beautiful flows, one might miss the underlying message. It chronicles A.I.R. 's emotions at the start of quarantine due to the pandemic and couples those feelings with negative experiences from the past. This song serves as a catalyst to an expression of inner struggle (which is apparent throughout the album).

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