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NMV Breakdown: Ty Money 'Cinco De Money 4'

Ty Money is back with a vengeance on his much anticipated fourth installment of his Cinco de Money series. The Sibley rapper shows no signs of letting up with quick bars, rhymes and a rally of consecutive steady flows.

On the opening track, "Spazma Attack" Money shows no hesitation, "Been there done that, got an M number, new car had a f***ed up vin number, lame n***** see me hollerin' at his girlfriend I'ma play it off like what's your friend number?" He stays in his lane with quick delivery and witty rhymes to say the least.

He goes on later in the track with memorable lyrics like, "Answer me this, how the f**k is y'all hood, y'all n***** ain't built nothin, y'all n***** ain't built Ford tough, yall n***** ain't kill nothin" over the JayFranchise produced beat.

On the hook for "Ready 2 Argue" Money goes, "All of my flows are stolen they never asked or borrowed, these n****** took it and ran, f**k it I'm ready to argue, I bought a pound, it's still in the plastic, I'll crack it open tomorrow, I said it was short, he told me it wasn't, f**k it I'm ready to argue."

Keep an eye out for more Ty Money flows as he doesn't disappoint with his most recent CDM project. Check out his latest video with Calboy in "Never Fair" below.

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