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NMV Breakdown: Othersides "Crazy Soul" feat. Probcause

Dynamic duo and critically acclaimed musicians, Kris Hansen and Jameson Brenner have officially dropped their debut single "Crazy Soul" featuring Probcause as the collaborative indie jazz couple fused with soft rock, presenting themselves as Othersides.

"There is a crazy soul living inside of me" Hansen pleads on the opening lines coupled with Brenner's elegant guitar strings and a consistent drum beat. "Kills me slowly like a cigarette would a fiend, indeed" he goes on later in the verse.

Vocalist of Othersides Kris Hansen singing at a recent show, photo credits: Nick Langlois

"I'm alone alone around these happy people, fake smiles burn holes through my obsessive ego." Kris continues on the chorus, "Well I'm not too gone, but I want to fade." Relatable lyrics from Hansen alongside smooth strings from Brenner makes them both sound right at home. As Hansen progresses his vocals throughout the song, Brenner is right there with a nifty guitar rift leading the rhythm of the song. Probcause zones in with a smooth and thoughtful verse during the last quarter of the record.

Keep an eye out for more from Othersides as they start to release more content.

Guitarist for Othersides Jameson Brenner playing keys at a recent show, photo credits: Nick Langlois

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