• Steven Mainzer

NMV Breakdown: $imba P 'Remember the $'

Champaign emcee $imba P gets "lost inside the rage" on his newest EP 'Remember the $.'

On the opening track "Rage", over a hard hitting beat, $imba says he's been wasting too time and feeling stressed out which caused him to drop out of school. The rambunctious beat makes Simba feel at home on the opening track with the hard bass and fitting snares.

On the following track "IDEFK," the listener gets PARTYNEXTDOOR vibes, bringing more airy production and heavy bass featuring other artists such as VLAD and DOPEBohemian. On tracks two and three, $imba P and DOPEBohemian have seemed to develop a chemistry as they go back and forth on airy production together showing that they may be a promising duo for the future.

$imba P closes out the EP with high energy on the vibrant track "Green Egg n Ham" also featuring fellow comrade VLAD and extreme 808s. More hard hitting production and fast rapping lyrics here. Make sure to keep an eye out for $imba P.

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