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NMV Breakdown: Brittney Carter "Practice"

Chicago vocalist Brittney Carter shows off her rhythm, soul, and keen rhymes with an impressive single in "Practice" produced by Lil Kydd & Scratches by DJ Scend. Carter shows lyrical awareness, proficient wordplay and pays homage to the game on her newest single which could be some of her strongest work to date.

"People tell you somethin' without sayin' nothin all the time, if you cannot sort them by their words watch them with your eye" are wise words from such a young emcee. The slow drums coupled with vibrant horns make for a perfect complement to Brittney's distinct rhymes -- "food for thought all up in your mouth go force it down" shows her efficient wordplay as well.

"Rookie of the year, top tier, top dog" she claims before the production breaks down with scratches and beat distortion as she goes in "All we do is practice, don't got all the answers but there ain't no going backwards for real." Carter makes it look easy as she uses the whole 1:58 track to exemplify her strengths including slick rhymes and developed flow, coupled with firm cadence when it comes to delivery.

She follows her strong single "Practice" with a B-side in "Supplicate" that is matched with just as much rhythm and soul as the A-side, you can stream it on SoundCloud by clicking the image above. Check out her most recent video in "Breakthrough" below as well and keep an eye out for Miss Carter.

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