• Nadia Hawks

NMV Artist You Should Know: Mike Lawry Baby

He goes by the name Mike Lawry Baby, but don’t forget the baby! He’s an artist, a storyteller, and a visionary. The young CEO of Obey Your Dreams (OYD) Ent has started to capture hearts with his versatile music. Using sounds, visuals, and intentions to inspire greatness in others around the world. With his release “I was Dreaming When I Wrote This” he has set underground hip hop on fire.

With unlimited bars in songs like 7:57 freestyle, or with nostalgic sounds in songs like all that, or even instant poetic classics like What’s love.

Diving deeper into his catalog I found an amazing slue of songs that clearly should have brought him to stardom. With songs like Follow My lead, Salie Mae, How High, mindset, and my favorite so far Good Times. It’s only a matter of time before the light shines bright on Lawry.

The Indy award winning artist gives an old taste of Kanye, mixed with J. Cole, sprinkled with a little bit of Common and DMX type of vibe. Which is certainly a recipe for major success and longevity in this game.

The Chicago Eenglewood native speaks about turning his life around and feeding the world motivation and inspiration through his music. Changing from a high school dropout who became a felon to earning multiple degrees and becoming a member of the legendary Kappa Beta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi at Rust College. Hearing his life stories through his music only makes me wanna know more about him. Success requires patience, and it seems Lawry has been equipped with the necessary tools to endure the long road to success. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of WHEN. When will Lawry be crowned hip-hops next star?

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