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New Music Review: OG Denzo - Know The Name Vol. 1

Late last month, OG Denzo dropped his debut project, Know The Name Vol. 1. When it caught my attention a few days later I knew I wanted to highlight it. This is one of the more complete projects to drop from Chicago’s underground scene this summer. OG Denzo’s lyrics about his upbringing and journey to success are relatable without being predictable, and the music keeps the listener engaged across the entire 7 song EP.

The opening track, Lights On Me, is a summary of Denzo’s fast-paced lifestyle. The song is a banger that serves as a perfect intro to the project by really giving the audience an introduction to OG Denzo’s style and the theme of the EP as a whole.

OG Denzo takes us back to the trap with Sick. With help from Holy Bandz, Denzo paints a picture of getting it out the mud and honoring the street code. A couple of my favorite lines from this track are “you and your sensei probably gonna die without a lick of honor, that was your man and he gonna stand up he gonna tell your honor”.

Rain On Me is another banger that tells Denzo’s life trying to get on and stay out of trouble on the way. He expresses his disbelief now that he’s in a nice car and has some success now after everything he’s seen and the people in his circle who have betrayed him. Rain On Me is easily the standout song on the project and is produced by 0bs3rve. The video for the track will drop on Wednesday September 25th.

OG Denzo slows the tape down a bit with Take It Slow. He’s able to show his versatility by rapping about his time with a girl, getting fade before having relations. Holy Bandz comes back to help with The New Me. Although I think the track is alright, if I had to throw away any song from the project it would be this one.

No Mention is another standout track from the project. OG Denzo makes sure that no one can say he owes them anything by asking “Okay, so tell me what you’ve done for me?” In my opinion this is the best song on the project and could have used a feature just to make it a little longer. The track has a great concept and OG Denzo creatively exploits that.

Know The Name Vol.1 closes out with the title track, which summarizes Denzo’s mindset and inspiration behind recording. The track consists of about 2 minutes of rhyming with no hook. I, personally, love these types of tracks where an artist opens up without thinking too much about structure. This track will probably fly under a lot of people’s radars, but OG Denzo really just gives the audience bars on this one, and I appreciate him for it.

Overall, this was a really great tape and everyone should keep their eyes peeled for more material from OG Denzo.

OG Denzo will be performing live at the Tonic Room this Wednesday, September 25th. Then again on Saturday, September 28th at Alulu Brewery and Pub.

Next month, on Saturday, October 26th, OG Denzo will be opening up for El Hitta for the “College Pre-Halloween Bash” at Cafe Billiards in Lincoln, Il.

JR Ellis @94Doughboy

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