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Music Review: LaJé - Valedictorian

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

August 15th, 2019

LaJé comes out swinging on her latest EP, Valedictorian, letting it be known that she is, indeed, the head of her class. The five track EP is a declaration of LaJé’s position amongst Chicago’s up & coming artists.

Head/Heart is an ode to choosing self over love. Focusing on her career and peace instead of her feelings for an ex-lover. All of us have been on either side of this equation at some point, and it’s relatable songwriting like this that displays the depth of LaJé’s talent.

Boastful is another assertive anthem of success and independence. LaJé relentlessly raps over this trap beat, letting the world know exactly why she’s up next. These sentiments are reiterated on the fourth track, Honestly, where we find LaJé doubling down on her claim as the leader of Chicago’s up & coming artists.

The five track EP is brought to a close with WIN, a softer nod to her work ethic and focus. The theme of WIN is similar to that of Head/Heart, in that LaJé is again choosing to focus on her path to success at a lover’s expense. LaJé lets herself be vulnerable with lyrics like “pain in my chest ‘til I see you again”, while still holding true to the motifs of the EP in that she refuses to stop until she wins.

While claiming the role of Valedictorian over a field of talented artists from the city may seem cocky to some, this project oozes with confidence. That confidence is well-deserved too as Valedictorian proves LaJé has real talent as a singer, songwriter, and emcee. Valedictorian confirms her place atop the class of budding Chicago artists. LaJé has undeniable starpower and it’s only a matter of time before the greater industry entities take notice.

Overall Grade: ★★★★☆

Valedictorian features production from Rozart on every track, with co-production from Yung Lando, Alex R., and LaJé.

Valedictorian is available to stream on all platforms.

JR Ellis @94Doughboy

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