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Music Review: Flava Gang - Go Crazy EP

August 19th, 2019

Flava Gang is back with a new EP, Go Crazy. The group made up of Chicago artists Hugh Early, Eizzy Sahir, and Stunnaman Coolie have quietly made their way on the city’s underground scene. Following The Flava Tape, which dropped earlier this summer, Go Crazy brings four new tracks to turn up to.

The opening song, despite being the title track, really serves as more of an intro. Stunnaman Coolie has the standout verse on the track, and keeps the audience listening for the rest of the tape. Hugh Early produced this track.

Eizzy Sahir, Stunnaman Coolie, Hugh Early

With X on the hook, What You Want really helps to show Flava Gang’s versatility. What You Want quickly switches the mood as a bouncy trap tune for the ladies. Izzy the Producer supplied the beat for What You Want.

Flava Gang takes the audience on a blunt cruise with Pull Up. Produced by Mike D Exclusive, this track is likely the best beat selection on the tape, and verses from all three members of Flava Gang solidify this track’s place in every stoner’s playlist.

Stunnaman Coolie supplies the hook on the closing track, On Me. It also features the Lit Crew (Lil Messi, Brace Boogie, Shakey) and is produced by Cam Beats. On Me shows Flava Gang’s versatility and showcases the best of their talents. On Me is sure to be the standout song from this EP. It serves as the perfect punctuation on another solid Flava Gang project.

Be on the lookout for these guys the rest of the year. Flava Gang is a talented group and they’re supplying the city with an authentic sound and refreshing content. Flava Gang will be releasing another EP this Friday 8/23, Go Crazierrr.

Go Crazy EP became available on all streaming platforms Friday August 16th, 2019.

JR Ellis @94Doughboy

Go Crazierrr available Friday 8/23

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