• Steven Mainzer

Mister Mag "Can't Hit the Brakes" ft. Nakiyyah

Mister Mag "Can't Hit the Breaks" in his new neon-filled video featuring Nakiyyah directed by FTY Studios.

Now Atlanta based artist Mister Mag glides in and out of verses in front of a whole lot of horsepower, while wearing a dope astronaut helmet and trippy John Lennon-esque glasses.

"Money comes with a time limit, so I don't even got 5 minutes, you ain't grindin' that ain't my business, get out mine and go find business" Mag boasts as he begins on the verse showing his quick spitting ability over the hard hitting beat. It's clear that being in Atlanta creates the best of both worlds for Mag, showing influence from the hometown Chicago and his new residence. Keep an eye out for him as he has been dropping videos for the whole latter half of the year.

Check out his most recent video in "Vibrate Higher" below as well.

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