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Today KiaGotAChoppa drops her highly anticipated self titled project. With a name like KiaGotAChoppa and cover art with her literally holding a "choppa," it gives off the vibe that this project will be real hard leg, "shoot em up, bang bang" music-- completely the opposite. At first listen I get real 90s summer time vibes, Kia definitely taps into the melodic/autotune sound the right way. Produced majority by DGainz, Kia's beat selection is flawless, also tapping Dj Milticket, Young Chop, D. Brooks Exclusive and a few others.

"You know Dat" is one of the tracks featured on Kia's project, she dropped a visual as apart of her rollout (shot by DGainz) earlier last week. I got some mixed reviews about this one, but regardless I'm rocking with it and it's my favorite track right now.

"On Lock" (ft. Bread Doe), gave me this Lil Baby and Gunna mixed with a west coast vibe. Produced by Louis Laurentt, this one is definitely something to spark one and drive on the lakefront to.

Seems like Kia picking up momentum with this one, what you think might be next? Is KiaGotAChoppa next up? Lets me know what you think in the comments below.....

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