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Joel Q - Vibe Dealer [Prod By: Ju Cannon] (Official Video) Shot By @DineroFilms

Joel Q got what you need in his new visual "Vibe Dealer." Shot by Dinero Films, and co-directed by Richie Wes, this visual is super simplistic in the best way, showing Q as the "neighborhood vibe dealer," a street performer living in the trunk of his van rapping to survive. This was one of those visuals that force you to focus on the lyrics without all the extra edits and effects, and I'm here for it. I felt the story more than if it was a thousand cuts and effects.

Joel rapping on the steps of a church says "I got a pound of that real rap, I know some n***as that got reggie i don't think you tryna' hear that. I got that crack to make ya ears bleed, I know you having troubles in ya life i got what your ears need," keeping true to the title "Vibe Dealer." This video was the perfect depiction of truly hungry artists out here willing to wheel out the speaker and mic to be heard by anybody listening, which is very common in the streets of Chicago with so many street performers popping up every time I'm outside. He spoke for all the artists that go unheard, moreso with the sign reading "You would listen if Chance said it."

I can definitely appreciate this video, but I'm just putting you on. What do you think? Check out the video below and leave a comment.

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