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FX Snowfall Season 3: Mid-Season Review

August 14th, 2019

FX Networks

As the third season of the late John Singleton’s television drama approaches the halfway mark, Snowfall has continued to dazzle its audience. The show, set in the mid-80s South Central LA, takes a creative look at the War on Drugs and Reagan-era politics that fueled a fight against Communism at the expense of the inner-city. Starring Brittish actor, Damson Idris, as Franklin Saint, a fictional pioneer of the crack cocaine trade, Snowfall’s latest season reinforces Saint’s dreams of expansion and power, while reminding us that more money always brings more problems.

The third season of Snowfall shows a lot of growth in its characters. Franklin is no longer a wide-eyed kid, risking his head for a few thousand dollars. He is a distinguished boss, ruling his neighborhood with an iron fist. His crew has capitalized on the business’s success as well, with Uncle Jerome opening up an audio hardware store, Jammin’ Jerome’s. Cissy has accepted her son’s career path and invested in real estate with Franklin. Even Leon, Franklin’s short-tempered right hand has grown to be a feared enforcer and trusted business advisor.

Melvin Gregg as Manboy. Courtesy of FX Networks

However, the recipe for the drug is no longer a secret and new competitors have begun to sprout around LA. One such competitor, Manboy, who personifies the old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, has proven himself to be worthy of sparing and allowed to do business, on Franklin’s terms of course. Manboy is colorfully brought to life by Instagram star, Melvin Gregg.

Still, with all this success, expansion has proven to be a tall task. Episode five paints that picture, with an appearance from De’Aundre Bonds as Scully, a shermed-out gangster from Inglewood (you might remember Bonds as Stacey from the 1999 classic, The Wood). Bonds does a frighteningly good job portraying this mentally unstable drug dealer that has Saint’s top lieutenants, Leon and Fatback, visibly shaken up during their in-person meeting.

Franklin and Melody embrace. Courtesy of FX Networks

Franklin Saint’s next door neighbor, Officer Andre Wright, has grown tired of Franklin’s business destroying their community from within and is hellbent on stopping it. Leading an all out assault on Franklin’s assets, Andre instills fear into some of the dealers and forces Franklin to tighten his grip on the business. Meanwhile, Officer Andre’s daughter, Melody, and Franklin still have a budding relationship. That relationship doesn’t stop Saint and the crew from getting payback against Andre.

Five episodes in, Snowfall has effortlessly continued to thrill. The FX drama has proven itself binge-worthy and been renewed for a fourth season, despite the sudden death of Executive Producer John Singleton in April. The gritty drama, with its compelling characters and plotlines to keep audiences engaged and enthusiastic about what’s next to come, is proving to be a masterful end to legendary director/producer and LA-native John Singleton’s illustrious career. Snowfall continues tonight @ 9 CT on FX.

JR Ellis @94Doughboy

Rest in Peace John Singleton 1/6/1968 - 4/28/2019

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