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Introduction to Targus + 'Fetti' w/ Freddie Gibbs & Curren$y

Introduction: Hello, readers. My name is... irrelevant... so let's just stick with "Targus". I've talked to management here at NMV, and they were kind enough to let me post blogs periodically.

Little background for ya - I was born & raised in a cornfield in BFE Southern Illinois, right outside of the greatest city in the history of mankind, St. Louis, Mizzouri. I live up to pretty much every stereotype of a Caucasian Midwesterner - I watch a lot of hockey, I say "oop" entirely too often, nothing gets me going like the smell of a freshly opened box of New Balance 574's, and I have an affinity for 90's and early 2000's alternative rock music.

I also love rap music. A lot.

My dad gave me his personal copy of Enter The Wu in 6th grade, which started a downward spiral into the deep dark depths of 90's NY hip hop. Since then, my hip hip lexicon has grown immensely, along with my appreciation for all things rap music. I spend 8 hours a day as a desk jockey, most of which time is actually spent down the Youtube hip-hop rabbit hole. I'll be sharing some of the new low-key no-name artists that I find, along with some old stuff too. If you've already heard of a song/artist that I post -- well, congrats. I'm not as hip as you. Save the snarky hipster "I found this like six years ago" comments for someone who cares.

Expect a music dump a couple times a week. Might even include some alternative stuff for any of you angsty "I hate my parents" types.

I may also throw in some funny tid-bits about life every once in a while. Who knows? I'm a wildcard.

My goal here is to kill some time at work and share what I think are talented artists with you guys. If I can get you guys to say "holy shit how did this corny ass white kid find this shit" just one time, my job here is done.

Now, for the man of the hour.... Mr. Gibbs:

God dammit, do I love Freddie Gibbs!

Let's just go ahead and get this out there - the fact that 6ix9ine is a household name while Freddie Gibbs is the rap epitome of chopped liver is a societal disgrace. I'm gonna piss some people off with that comment. I don't care. Get better taste in music. Get some culture.

"The Blow" is one of several notable tracks on the album Fetti, which dropped this week. I gotta say, Gibbs and Curren$y is a deadly combination. With the help of an old friend in Alchemist, they really create some sound chemistry on this album (haha Zinger!) The Alchemist should not be slept on either - the guy's like 87 years old and still producing fire music. I suggest checking out some of his recent collaborations with Action Bronson (Mr. Baklava will be no stranger to my posts).

I'll go ahead and post the rest of the album here. Let's call it a Wednesday night treat.

I hope you enjoy this. If you didn't, too bad, there's more to come. Until next time, my friends.

- Targus

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