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Ferrari Yanni New Single "Dis 4U"

Ferrari Yanni continues to aim to fulfill his legacy with his new song “Dis 4 U.” This track serves as an ode to his loved ones. The mellow guitar melody sets an intimate tone while Yanni raps directly to the listener. He expresses his past troubles and present triumphs through his poignant voice and alluring delivery. A passionate Ferrari Yanni connects to his audience by heartfelt harmonizing his struggle based lyrics. He states on “Dis 4 You, ” that love is the reason he sacrifices his livelihood to create better opportunities for himself and others. This tender, over- zealous attitude for love ones guides his grind. It also paints Yanni as a relatable, selfless, and hardworking individual that is an important factor to his appeal. Check out recap footage of his last performance at The Forge.

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